Kaduna Nigeria

THE CITY OF KADUNA Kaduna city is the state capital of Kaduna state which is also known as the Liberal State because they are willing to respect and accept behavior and opinions that is different from theirs. It is situated in the North-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria and greatly blessed by nature. It has a very rich cultural heritage, hospitable and peace-loving people. It is a very good tourist city with numerous places to tour. People and Culture of Kaduna The city of Kaduna is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city with the main ethnic groups being Fulani and Hausa. Their main occupation is farming and rearing of cattle, and also provides major transportation hub for the surrounding agricultural areas with its good road and rail way station. Few Places to Visit in Kaduna City Kajuru Castle: One of the places to visit in the city of Kaduna is this luxurious, exclusive and private castle constructed between 1981 until opening in 1989 with a stunning view and scenic landscape. It is a striking architectural masterpiece hidden from the daily hustling and bustling activities, which makes it the perfect getaway.

Kajuru Hills

• Kamuku National Park: Are you a lover of nature? This park is basically for you as it is one of the finest areas of Savannah remaining in Nigeria. This terrain supports a variety of flora and fauna like the endangered African elephants. • Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club: Despite being a beautiful private polo club, it allows non-members to visit and enjoy many of its facilities. This polo club caters to a range of equestrian sports activities.

Fifth Chukker Polo

  Hotel and Restaurants: There are many lovely and affordable hotels and restaurants in Kaduna which are up to your taste. Few of these Hotels are restaurants are;   Hotel7teen Limited   Chimcherry Limited  Orange Groove Hotel   Food planet   Fantasia Delights   Abakwa Arewa Chinese Restaurant All these (listed above) are few of many other things and places to enjoy in the city of Kaduna. So, buckle up now and get set to have the best tour of your life.