Kaduna, Nigeria


Kaduna is a city situated in the Northern side of Nigeria which attracts tourists due to its beautiful and wide wildlife, nature and environmental views. Kaduna is also known as the Crocodile City as it is having the symbol of crocodile which denotes this state. Kaduna is having various places to see about which we are going to learn today.


Places to see in Kaduna


1. Kaduna Museum


This museum is located in Ungawan Sarki which was opened in 1975 by the donation of NPC. In this museum, you can see different ethnographic and archaeological items.


2. The Lugard Foot Bridge


It is a bridge made for pedestrians which links the residence of Sir Frederick Lugard to the colonial Zungeru quarters.


3. Kajuru Castle


It is located in Kajuru village and is one of the historical luxury villas which was constructed in 1989.


Places to Stay in Kaduna


Asaa Pyramid Hotel: It is located in Kaduna with the facilities of the fitness center, good staff, 24-hour front desk service and a restaurant.


* Maidugu Guest Palace Hotel: It is located just 3.9 km away from the Kaduna Museum which is having a shared Lounge, bar, and beautiful rooms.


* Trophy Hotel: It is situated just 9km away from Kaduna Museum with well-maintain A/C rooms, fitness center, and a beautiful garden.


Places to Eat in Kaduna


* Crocodile Club situated at Murtala Mohamed square, Kaduna which offers you the taste of delicious Indian food varieties.


* Byblos is situated at Waziri road, Kaduna and is offering the best taste of the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Lebanese food items.